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Martin Merkel Fe Malefiz Fahnenkind

Martin Merkel Fe Malefiz Fahnenkind at Beatport John 00 Fleming (J00F) :very original and outstanding piece of music that I'll 100% be supporting, Daniel Mehes : this is really good, emotional stuff ! Maae, Definition Records, Ribbon Recordings, Blau Club : Amazing stuff! David Christoph: love that ep, great suff thx for the download, Erik Yahnkovf : Woow simply wow awesome ep i love it, will play it for sure, awesome tracks many many thx, full support, Noemi Black: Awesome track! Great vocal, Many thanks for it!, Great job!, Mollo,Flat Belly: loving it! nice vocal!, Pedro Delgardo, Ying Yang: LOVE IT, Steve Parry, The Red Zone Juice 107.6 FM, Taktfast: Quality release Love the vocal edit, Brian Cheetham, Global Dance Session, : Great atmosphere!!

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Tim Tintin Caught in my Secrets

Tim Tintin Caught in my Secrets EP at Beatport Supportetd by : Lazy M (Capsula) this tune rocks!!! Maae (Definition Records / Ribbon Recordings / Blau Club) Yes! Loving this release! Quality stuff here! ;-) I will play for sure! Thanks! Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast), Tesla (1605 / Deeperfect / IAMT), Brian Cheetham (Global Dance Session), Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt), Cristian Varela (Pornographic Recordings) Bryan Cox (Spinnin / Toolroom / 100% Pure) : Behind the Curtain is a bomb! Support! Andy Notalez (Yellow Recordings), Timothy Gibson (Full Tilt / Highland Radio) : Great track! Umek (1605), Balthazar (Renesanz / IAMT / 1605), Richie Hawtin (Minus), Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ) : I like Tim Tintin “Caught in my Secrets” very much – Play & Support by Dr. Motte Erik Yahnkovf : Behin the curtain is awesome, totally for me, many thx. will play it for sure Anderson Noise (Radio Noise / Noise Music), Falk (Sunshine Live) : feature on radio sunshine live Frank Savio (Driving Forces Recordings), Slam (Orde Meikle) (Soma / Paragraph / Drumcode) : cool tunes – will spin!! Vincent Hiest (Electrovino Records) : Caught in my secrets is for me. Dario Sorano, Sinisa Lukic (Kaseta Music), D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix / Elektrax), Lia Organa (Inlab Underground / Techhead Recordings), Anthony Pappa, Taktfast : Will definitely play “Caught In My Secrets” Gennaro Le Fosse (Cocoon / 8 Sided Dice / CODE), Spartaque (1605 / IAMT / Supreme) : Full Support !! Dopamine (Disconnected Audio) : Behind the curtain is a great track, will be playing Noemi Black, Joseph Capriati (Drumcode), Sasha Carassi (Phobiq / Drumcode) : Solid beats! Sisko Electrofanatik (Neurotraxx / Armada / IAMT) : cool works! support G.PAL (Swift Records) : Supporting ! John 00 Fleming (J00F) : Behind the curtain is outstanding! Nikki (Overload Radio) : solid solid solid Gabriel Ben (Toolroom / Spinnin’ / Rawthentic) : Big tune. Nice one. Kritix Choyce: A really great EP! Caught in my Secrets really makes you feel like you have stumbled upon something mysteriously good! Alessio Frino (Flappers / Ovestclub), Tomcraft (Craft Music / Great Stuff), Guy J (Bedrock), James Monro (4DigitalAudio) : behind the cirtain is rocking…nice ! Olliver Fandino (Wedotechno), Marco Carola (Minus / Plus 8), Alessan Main (Amethyps / Prestige / Trapez), Steve Sai (Bonzai / Friday Lights), DJ Pena (Flow Vinyl), Vladimir Acic (1605 / Italo Business), Tom Laws (Respekt / Phobiq), Dany Rodriguez (Recode Musik / MB Elektronics), Angelo Posito : Great Release… Big Support from Italy!! Matt Minimal (1605 / Butane / Perfekt Groove) : Support ! Daniel Mehes : I really like the Behind the curtain, nice deep and powerful! Paris One (www.paris-one.com), Rick Pier o’Neil, Veztax (Vezotonik / Sub Cult), Margo Mango : Behind the curtain for me… Really Pumping track.. Like it ;) DJ Osho (Echoes / Rusted), Stefano Lotti (Phobiq / Gastspiel / Capsula), Stanny Franssen (Girafe Sauvage / De:Tuned / Genetic Recordings ) : Nice ep. Support from my side! Just Be (Bushwacka!) : solid !!! Owen Sands : Cool stuff Vince (Paris to St Tropez Radio show) : behind the curtainnnn + still kicking !! love it !! Destroyer, Alen Milivojevic (1605 / Pornographic) : Behind the curtain is cool Leon Vuksic (Renesanz / Human Garden Music / Inlab Underground) : cool track, will def find a place in my set, support! Robin Hirte (Truth Tracks / Stereo Seven Plus / Nervous NY) : WOOHOOOOOO!!! this is one of the greatest Promos i got for the last 12 months ! YEAHHHH :D

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Martin Merkel Dios del Sol

Martin Merkel Dios del Sol at Beatport Support by : Balthazar, Renesanz, IAMT, 1605, Gregor Zalokar, Press Slovenia, Richie Hawtin, Minus, Graham Gold Esta La Musica : Dios is great! Daniel Mehes : Strangers is interesting stuff ! Spartaque, 1605, IAMT, Supreme, : Full Support!! Sintek Respekt Recordings Phobiq Organism : Strangers is awesome!!!! i love it!! Cristian Varela, Pornographic Recordings, Erik Yahnkovf : Great tracks from martin merkel as always. i love ve his style will play it all ep for sure. full support !! Bruno Ledesma, Concepto Hipnotico Rec. Maae, Definition Records, Ribbon Recordings, Blau Club : Great stuff! I will play ! Steve Sai, Bonzai, Friday Lights, Taktfast, Pedro Delgardo, Ying Yang : LIKE !!!, Sisko Electrofanatik, Neurotraxx, Armada, IAMT, : wow, good works! total support 4 Martin!!! Alex Di Stefano, binary404.com, 1605, Sabotage, John 00 Fleming, (J00F) : Nice to hear some musical moments back ! Alessan Main, Amethyps, Prestige, Trapez, Andy Notalez, Yellow Recordings, : Sweet melodys! Love it! Umek, 1605, Daniel Bortz, Suol, Pastamusik, Kritix Choyce, : Amazingly beautiful! These are very strong tracks and worthy of the best DJ's play. Keep these coming! Thank you for the honor in being able to play your music! The melody in Dios del Sol sweeps my heart aloft! Austin Leeds, MixMash, Spinnin, Mars Bill, Respekt, DFR, Blind Spot, Pedro Mercado, Rotationz FM Belgium, : Strangers is the one! Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ) : we on praxxiz like those melodic sequences like on "dios del sol (club mix)". a breeze of a summer with it. thx - Download, Play & Support by Dr. Motte www.drmotte.de, Tesla, 1605, Deeperfect, IAMT, Marco V, TAO : great festival track, love it!, DavidChristoph : phat atmosphere on the traxx love the vibe, thx for the promo !Tom Laws, Respekt, Phobiq, Matt Minimal, 1605, Butane, Perfekt Groove, The Scumfrog, Glam Scum International : Strangers is amazing!!!! Nikki, Overload Radio : great! - will be in our first light show soon ! Erwin Kelemen, Freies Radio Freudenstadt : sehr schön herr merkel Dany Rodriguez, Recode Musik, MB Elektronics, Markantonio, Analytictrail, Drumcode, MKT, Paul Hazendonk, Manual : Loving the dirty funker 'Stranger' Kristian Nardic : both dios del sol version are very cool, i like it :) Vladimir Acic, 1605, Italo Business : Great Brian Cheetham, Global Dance Session : Nice variety! Cool work Gennaro Le Fosse, Cocoon, 8 Sided Dice, CODE : Really nice tunes! Great EP! Support! The Advent, Kombination Research : perfect for the late nights: Strangers Robin Hirte, Truth Tracks, Stereo Seven Plus, Nervous, NY : WOOHOOOO ! G.PAL, Swift Records, Lia Organa, Inlab Underground, Techhead Recordings, Danny Tenaglia, Dandi & Ugo, Italo Business: Martin Merkel Dios del Sol (Club Mix) RULEZ !!!!! Nathan Thompson, Kiss FM, Stefano Lotti, Phobiq, Gastspiel, Capsula, Gabriel Ben, Toolroom, Spinnin, Rawthentic, Mollo, Flat Belly, Strangers is amazing! Marco Carola, Minus, Plus 8, Stanny Franssen, Girafe Sauvage, De:Tuned, Genetic Recordings, Tomy, Glazba Radio Istra, Stranger is my favorite! De La Swing, El Row, Florida Music, Sinisa Lukic, Kaseta Music, Angelo Posito, Urban Jeram, really interesting sound in here...strangers for me, thanks! Omid 16B, SexOnWax, Anderson Noise, Radio Noise, Noise Music, Ludovic Rambaud, Journalist, DJ, Taster Peter, Trapez, Truesoul, Octopus, : strangers is really good! will play for sure! Sean McCaff (Bas) & Fab Morvan : Stranger WHat a DOPE TRACK !! MAJOR SUPPORT !! Slam (Orde) : strong release ! Solee, i like the dios del sol club mix DID Records : Awesome stuff ! Steve Parry, The Red Zone, Juice 107.6 FM, interesting vibes Broombeck, Frequenza, Dataworx Datacode : good summer tune Pena, Flow Vinyl, Falk (Sunshine Live) feature on radio sunshine live Joseph Capriati (Drumcode), Chris Ward (Climax / Clubeducate), Alessio Frino (Flappers / Ovestclub), Marco Pellegrini (differentgrooves.com), Alex Long (1605),

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